Following Frontiers of the Forest City


Dr. Kei Otsuki
Principal Investigator
Dr. Otsuki is an associate professor of International Development Studies at Utrecht University, specialised in development sociology and sustainability research. She contributes her expertise on critical approaches to international sustainable development and land-infrastructure relationship in the global South, including Brazil,... Read more
Dr. Femke van Noorloos
Femke van Noorloos is assistant professor of International Development Studies and Human Geography & Planning (Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University). Her research focuses on urban development in Africa and Latin America; particularly on land and housing issues in (sub)urban settings,... Read more
Dr. Michelle Kooy
Michelle Kooy is a social scientist (Human Geographer) and former development practitioner, who joined IHE Delft in 2012. As of 2017 she is an Associate Professor of Water & Uneven Urbanization. She is affiliated with the Governance and Inclusive Development... Read more
Dr. Bosman Batubara
Bosman Batubara is a postdoctoral researcher at the project of "Following Frontiers of the 'Forest City': Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Urbanization in Kalimantan and Beyond (NWO-Merian Fund, 2022-2026)". He defended his PhD thesis entitled "Floods in (post-) New Order Jakarta:... Read more